About us

Before introducing we would like to thank you for following our blog in the past time. People are a huge motivator for us to be ready to create more great content. Thanks for that!

APKLOLI is a website that shares useful tips about news, science, nature, software, games, or even anything in the world, readers can read and refer to all documents. completely free of charge. The articles are mixed but still aimed at readers with the most necessary and correct information, of course, the latest.

APKLOLI was established with a team including IT, Marketing, Market Research, Journalists and many collaborators in all fields with a relatively small budget (20$). Although the APKLOLI website has just been launched not long ago, we believe that in the future the blog will bring readers the best.

If you have crazy ideas, you want to share them with us. You can contact us through the following online communication platforms:

Email: [email protected]